Gospel Money

Online Courses that Create Stable Finances, Lasting Joy, and Global Impact.

"Where your money is, there your heart will be also."

- Matthew 6:21

Churches need financial training.

Ours did.


We looked for the right course,

but we couldn't find it.

So we built it.

We needed the course to be convenient for everyone,

so we put it on their phones, tablets, and computers.


We wanted a course that could be taken at home or in a group,

so we designed it to do both.

Most importantly,

it had to be deeply Biblical.

It had to be Gospel-Centered.


The Good News changes everything about money.

Every dollar has purpose.

This is Gospel Money.

This is where I would put a testimony from someone in the church who has completed the course and helped me to beta test it.

"My beard was cold. It really proved that I'm a man with a plan. Being Serious about manliness means being serious about money!"